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swadl Weighted Blanket

swadl Weighted Blanket

swadl Weighted Blanket

Recommended Weights

We recommend around 10% of your body weight to start out, though some users prefer more for greater relaxation and a better night's sleep. With swadl’s patented modular design, you can add more weight as your needs grow.
Recommended Starting Weight:
10% of your body weight
10 lbs (75 - 125 lbs)
15 lbs (125 - 175 lbs)
20 lbs (175 - 225 lbs)
25 lbs (225+ lbs)

swadl is the therapeutic weighted blanket that simulates the feeling of being held. Helping you feel grounded, calm and relaxed so you can get the deep sleep you need.

Designed to be a better weighted blanket, swadl’s patented modular design lets you have the perfect weight that's right for you.

The soft touch outer layer is made of a 100% high density cotton. Inside thousands of food grade /non toxic poly beads form to your body for the perfect full body hug while providing superior ventilation to keep you from overheating.

25lbs blanket comes one 20bls plus one 5lbs blanket with connector laces to fasten them together.

Dimensions: 49.5" x 77"
Materials: Blanket: 100% Cotton outside, 100% Poly Beads (FDA Grade) inside.
Cover: 100% Polyester

Customer Reviews

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A Better Weighted Blanket

  • Better coverage

    swadl forms to your body better, targeting more pressure points to help you relax. It’s an amazing experience that helps you feel grounded and secure so you can get the sleep you need.

  • Stay comfy, not sweaty

    swadl’s temperature regulating design helps keep you calm and well rested all year long without overheating.

  • Perfect pressure

    Weight matters. swadl’s modular design lets you add weight whenever you want. It grows with your needs providing optimal therapeutic effect now and in the future. You can also create a blanket for two with custom weights for you and your partner.

  • Transform your life

    swadl turns your regular blankets into weighted blankets. Now you can have the benefits of deep pressure stimulation therapy with the blankets you already love. You can also choose a super soft minky cover to take your swadl anywhere.

Sleep easy with swadl

  • Free Shipping

    One less thing to worry about. Enjoy free shipping on us with every order. Plus same day shipping for orders before 1pm EST

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    You can’t always count sheep to sleep, but you can count on our swadl specialists to help put any questions and concerns to rest (Available toll-free at (855) 22-SWADL [79235] from Monday-Friday, 9-5pm EST)