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swadl Weight Pods

swadl Weight Pods

swadl Weight Pods

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Recommended Weights

We recommend around 10% of your body weight to start out, though some users prefer more for greater relaxation and a better night's sleep. With swadl’s patented weight pods, you can add more weight as your needs grow.
Recommended Starting Weight:
10% of your body weight
10 lbs (75 - 125 lbs)
15 lbs (125 - 175 lbs)
20 lbs (175 - 225 lbs)
25 lbs (225+ lbs)

swadl weight pods can be used with your existing blankets or paired with an ultra soft, minky cover for added warmth and comfort.

Designed to be a better weighted blanket, swadl’s patented weight pods let you have the perfect weight that's right for you.

The soft touch outer layer is made of a 100% high density cotton. Inside thousands of food grade /non toxic poly beads form to your body for the perfect full body hug while providing superior ventilation to keep you from overheating.

Comes with connector laces to fasten your swadl blankets together.

Dimensions: 49.5" x 77"
Materials: 100% Cotton outside, 100% Poly Beads (FDA Grade) inside

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