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swadl kids blanket

$104.30 $149.00 saving $44.70
swadl kids blanket

swadl kids blanket

$104.30 $149.00 saving $44.70

Every child (and parent) deserves a great sleep.

Kid-tested and approved, parents and therapists alike are also giving their stamp of approval. Weighted blankets are proven to provide relief to those struggling with insomnia, autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorders. We’ve seen improved sleep patterns in young children with or without developmental disabilities.  

Designed in Canada, swadl kids blankets are filled with love and feature our patented weight system that grows with your child. Simply snap on the right weight and it’s like a new blanket without the hefty cost.  

It’s the next best thing to a real hug.

Dimensions: 38" x 57.5"

The recommended starting point is roughly 10% of your child’s body weight plus 1-2 pounds.

Kids Weight Blanket Weight
25 to 39 lbs 4lbs
40 to 60 lbs 6lbs

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