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Advanced pressure points Increased body contact with uniform weight distribution provides better full body hugs
Versatile Turns your existing blankets into weighted blankets
Modular design Create a therapeutic blanket for two with custom weight for you and your partner
Temperature regulation Stay comfy without overheating
Adaptable weight Lets you add weight as your needs grow
Removable ultra plush cover Easy to wash

Advanced pressure points

Blankets with small, sand-sized beads lack the volume to cover your body evenly.

swadl uses larger beads to create the sensation of a full body hug by forming to every inch of your body.

Perfect, even pressure

Many weighted blankets use oversized quilt pockets for cheaper manufacturing costs. This allows the beads to shift, causing uneven weight distribution, especially on your arms and legs.

swadl uses smaller 3.9 inch square pockets, keeping the weight evenly distributed over your entire body exactly where you want it.


swadl layers on top of, or in between, your existing bedding to provide all night pressure therapy.

When not used with a swadl cover, swadl blankets can connect into a weighted blanket for two, providing custom weight for you and your partner.

Temperature regulating

Most weighted blankets use fiber filler that can cause overheating.

swadl uses larger beads with no fillers to provide better ventilation, keeping you comfortable and well-rested all year long.

Adaptable Weight

When choosing a swadl blanket, a good starting point is roughly 10% of your body weight.

swadl's patented modular design allows you to layer two or more blankets together so you can add more therapeutic pressure whenever you want.

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